Woodie's Auto Service Midtown

915 South McDowell St.
Charlotte, NC 28204
35.214471 -80.843305
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 2     Brandon 05/16/2013
I was originally told that I needed 4 new tires to pass inspection. Once I challenged the reccomendation I was later told that the front 2 tires would actually pass inspection so I only needed 2 new tires by state regulation. I left with the feeling that the manager was trying to ransom my inspection by leveraging the need for tires.

 2     Laura 01/20/2013

 2     Joe 01/26/2012
Thought the service was way over priced. Checked my oil when I never requested it. Won't use their service again. Tried to sell more services than the work I requested.

 1     Michael 10/27/2016
if you are going to try and con someone out of money at least make sure you hide it well. I'll never go back to Woodies auto !

 1     Donna 12/27/2014
Please have Timm Pearson call me. 704-305-0941

 1     John 12/18/2014
I wouldn't recommend this shop to anybody.

 1     Paige 12/14/2014
estimate I recieved was 6x the amount of another shop... do your research!

 1     Todd 11/13/2014
Brought vehicle in for inspection. It failed due to service engine light being on. No big deal. I asked how much to fix the issue and was told $98, pretty good, right. Nope, $98 to read the codes only; which can be done at any auto parts store for FREE. I told them to forget it. When I picked it up the NC State Inspection Report clearly listed the trouble codes from the onboard computer. As I see it, that is something already provided for the inspection cost and offering to pull the computer codes for me for $98 is a rip off. By the way P0102 is a Mass Air Flow Sensor issue. Upon inspection, my MAF Sensor was unplugged (no fault of Woodies). After plugging it back in, the problem was resolved. Corrected it myself in 10 minutes at no charge. So, for $98, had I been gullible enough, I could have paid for what the state of NC already supplies on the inspection report. Will never return.

 1     Brad 04/01/2013
Took my Jeep in for a basic oil change and tire rotation. I drove off, and a REAR WHEEL CAME OFF THE JEEP WHILE DRIVING DOWN THE ROAD. YES, A WHEEL CAME OFF MY JEEP!! The wheel rolled thru on-coming traffic, and the Jeep collapsed onto the brake-drum. I can?t begin to explain how unsettling this experience was, and so thankful my wife was not driving it. I allowed Woodie's to repair the mechanical damage that resulted, but choose the body shop for body repairs. I asked for a refund for the tire-rotation, and Tim (the Manger) said something like, ?Well, we did do the work, so I don?t know what else you want from us?, and declined to refund me. They did do what I consider as the minimum, and paid for a rental car and the repairs to the Jeep. I should have stuck it to them and had it towed somewhere and filed an insurance claim which would have blown their cost basis up. TIM, YOU ARE CORRECT, WOODIE?S DID DO THE WORK, BUT SECURING THE LUG NUTS IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE WORK ORDER. CONGRATULATIONS ON SAVING YOUR COMPANY $25 DOLLARS!

 0     Hilda/Victor 09/15/2016
Great service and so profesional y fríendly.

 0     Muamer 12/18/2014

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