Woodie's Auto Service Midtown

915 South McDowell St.
Charlotte, NC 28204
35.214471 -80.843305
4.71/5.00 average rating
191 reviews
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MNG Customer Reviews (191)

 5     C Thomas 10/06/2011
Evwerthing from "roll in" to "roll out" earned a "5" across the board!

 5     Tom 10/06/2011

 5     Kimberly 09/29/2011

 5     Andy 09/22/2011
Thank you for your help and advice!

 5     Kandoth 09/16/2011
quick and very good service and no waiting.

 5     Jessica 09/08/2011
I had a great experience with Woodies Auto Service Midtown. Staff are very nice and helpful and I received excellent service.

 5     Charles 09/04/2011
Woodies on McDowell always does an excellent job!

 5     Paul 08/25/2011

 5     Ken 08/25/2011
service fantastic.....for sure will remain a customer....thanks much, Ken. Bauer.

 5     Anonymous 08/18/2011
I will always trust these guys with my automobiles no matter the size of the issue.

 5     Stacy 08/01/2011

 5     Ken 07/28/2011
Great service. as always, traded in my sebring for a 2010 mustang under warranty, can you service it when I need it done...would rather come to you, Ken. Bauer.

 4     Kyle 04/16/2015
Very polite to work with. Shuttle service was great. Would have liked a little more explanation regarding the services that were performed, the result of all vehicle inspection, any concerns, etc.

 4     Christine 02/05/2015
Years ago I had a (really) bad experience. I am slowly trusting them again. This was the first time I visited them again since that (really) bad experience. This Woodie's facility is very nice. The service was good. However, you need to be smart and educated about the product and service you want and need for your vehicle. Don't just blindly trust the costs and the work.

 4     Jonathan 01/15/2015
Good service - wouldn't give up until corrected.

 4     Macon 09/04/2014
Convenient, clean, friendly and fast. thanks.

 4     Jennifer 08/28/2014

 4     Pressly 11/11/2012

 2     Julie 08/06/2015
Woodie's was very friendly and the shuttle service to work was wonderful. I felt taken advantage of, however, because I'm not too familiar with cars. I almost spent close to $1000 to fix a problem on my car. When I took it somewhere else, the same thing was fixed for under $300. I felt it was very overpriced!!

 2     Glenn 07/02/2015
Work was excellent. I felt that I was misled on the needed service. I was given a single quote to replace both engine knock sensors with no options after paying for an engine analysis . When I picked up the vehicle, I inquired about both sensors failing at the same time and was told that only one was bad but that their normal practice was to replace both at the same time. I would like to have known that up front so that I could choose because of the cost of each replacement ($170). I could have asked up front if both needed replacement but assumed that I was being told what needed to be done.

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